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ICORT 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended the ICORT conference in Lewiston, Idaho! We hope you found the experience enriching and insightful. Please take a moment to view the attached presentations for a comprehensive recap of the event highlights. We look forward to seeing you at:


 ICORT 2024    Boise, Idaho

Alex fuller headshot (reflection).jpg

Presentation: Creating Tourism that Locals Love

Presenter: Alex Fuller

Day: October 17th

anna blout.jpg

Presentation: Visit Idaho Image Study Results

Presenter: Anna Blount

Day: October 17th

Lisa grigg.jpg

Presentation: Idaho's Post-Pandemic Leisure and Hospitality Employment

Presenter: Lisa Grigg

Day: October 17th


Presentation: Communication and Collaboration in Times of Crisis

Presenter: Jessica Flynn

Day: October 17th

jerry miller.jpg

Presentation: Rural Community Development

Presenter: Jerry Miller

Day: October 17th


Presentation: Driving Actionable Website Metrics Through SEO and Learning About Idaho's Data Dashboard

Presenter: Hannah Chute and Dylan Scacchetti

Day: October 17th

Presentation: Updates on Vacation Rentals in Idaho

Presenter: Chris Christmas

Day: October 17th

logo 2.png
logo 2.png

Presentation: AI and Travel

Presenter: AJ Kinney

Day: October 18th

Presentation: The 12 Laws of AI

Presenter: Dan Janes

Day: October 18th

adam stoker.jpg

Presentation: Building an Audience Through Owned Media

Presenter: Adam Stoker

Day: October 18th

Image by Alex Lemoing

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